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Download audacity download filehippo latest version for free. here you can get an offline windows installer file & portable file which is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit pc. you can see more detail below.

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Daringness is a free, simple to-utilize sound manager and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other working frameworks. You can utilize Audacity to:

Record live sound.

Convert tapes and records into advanced chronicles or CDs.

Alter Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound documents.

Cut, duplicate, graft or combine sounds.

Change the speed or pitch of a chronicle.

Include new impacts with LADSPA modules.

And then some!

Audacity® is a free, open source (cross-stage) computerized sound proofreader, recorder, and blender. It is a refined programming application that accompanies a broad rundown of highlights.


  • recording (from a mouthpiece or blender)
  • import/fare of WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP3 (by means of LAME encoder) Ogg Vorbis documents
  • propelled altering (cut, duplicate, glue, erase directions with boundless “Fix” and “Re-try,” multitrack blending)
  • computerized impacts (change the pitch, expel foundation clamors, modify frequencies, evacuate vocals, make voice-overs for webcasts, and so on.) and modules (support for LADSPA, Nyquist, VST Audio Unit, including VAMP investigation modules).
audacity free for windows

The full rundown of Audacity® highlights can be found on its official landing page here. Daringness is accessible under the GNU General Public License (GPL), offers support for more than 20 dialects and it runs on Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other item names are either enlisted trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and additionally different nations.

Audacity® Review

Arrangement: Please note that when you introduce Audacity® just because (in Windows), you will be provoked to introduce two delivered DLL impacts (hard limiter and sc4) which are not VST’s, and they will stack in Audacity whatever you choose in the exchange. You can discover them in “Modules” envelope, and in the event that you have to include another impact later, you should check the manual, area “Including another VST impact in Audacity(R).”


I’ve seen a ton of valuable projects without a legitimate assistance manage. Audacity® is a positive case of how backing should search for the “normal” client. At the point when you open this application just because, there’s an exchange window named “How to Get Help.” The initial two help joins “Snappy Help” and “Manual” point separately to the “Beginning” segment and the first page of the Manual. The Manual is available in the event that you get the Windows Installer or Mac DMG record, so no web association is expected to begin learning and testing.

On the off chance that you download the ZIP or the source code, you can at present download and introduce the Manual. Else, you will require an Internet Connection for the online form of the Manual.


Audacity® is a complex device, you can accomplish a great deal of things, yet at the same time, except if you’re a sound specialist, an enthusiastic or propelled client, you need to invest some energy with the assistance documents. I accept most (amateur) clients utilize this product to perform just one or a couple of capacities. For the individuals who never utilized this program, I figured it may be a smart thought to list a few things that Audacity® can achieve.

Duplicate tapes, LPs, MiniDiscs and other inheritance media

You can safeguard old accounts by moving them from numerous sources.

Tape tapes, Vinyl LPs, reel-to-reel tapes, video tapes, blenders, versatile MP3 players, advanced voice recorders, individual video recorders, and so on.) to a DVD, CD, outer capacity gadget (USB HDD or memory stick) or even on your PC.

In the event that you need to utilize this capacity, you should check the Audacity® instructional exercise – “Instructional exercise – Copying tapes, LPs or MiniDiscs to CD.”

Make and alter live tracks: Manipulate tracks recorded from different sources before duplicating them to another source, for example, a DVD or CD. You can part long tracks (that would not fit because of their size) in various individual melodies, cut certain bits between your tunes and join them in a solitary track.

This was only an essential case of a procedure that can get much progressively perplexing. You can check this instructional exercise – “Instructional exercise – Recording and Editing.”

Make Podcasts

If you’re keen on creating digital broadcasts, Audacity® is a magnificent decision. You have two choices: first, you can utilize another gadget, for example, a computerized recorder and afterward alter the document in Audacity(R), or you can record it on your PC. All you need is a receiver or a headset for recording process (the sound quality may fluctuate contingent upon your gear), and once more, you can utilize Audacity(R) for making digital broadcasts.

You can make a basic digital broadcast and decide to send out it to a compacted lossy configuration, for example, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis. Furthermore, you can utilize other lossy configurations, for example, WMA, AAC, and AC3. The FFmpeg library offers the help for such configurations in Microsoft Windows and Linux. For more data on making a digital broadcast check this Tutorial – “Making a basic voice and music Podcast with Audacity(R).”

Make Ringtones

Right now, singular versatile administrators are charging their clients on the off chance that they need a redid ringtone. The individuals who don’t wish to pay for this, typically look for another option, for example, a free site that offers free ringtones. Lamentably, most sites that I know conveys a reward (other than the free ringtone): adware or malware. Presently, for what reason would you pay or download from a conniving site when it’s anything but difficult to do it utilizing this free, clean advanced editorial manager?

Three straightforward advances:

  • make the sound document (you can import a MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF, OGG and FLAC records including MP4 records on Mac OS X® – without extra libraries)
  • Check the sound record position bolstered by your cell phone
  • Transfer the file(s) on your PDA (it’s a smart thought to check the manual/site of your telephone as the sound record designs, including the envelope where you have to duplicate the new documents is not quite the same as one maker to another). Once more, there’s an amazing instructional exercise covering this subject here – “Instructional exercise – Making Ringtones.”

There is substantially more to investigate and find in Audacity®. You can perform multitrack recording and altering, make mono/stereo account and even encompass sound. The modules (otherwise called additional items) encourages Audacity® to offer considerably more highlights: enhancements, channels, tone generators and examination abilities. I will bounce over a great deal of different highlights that I didn’t rundown, and I will say that you can redo this editorial manager from numerous points of view yet this is a domain for cutting edge clients.

My basic audit is attempting to uncover just a couple of things that you can accomplish utilizing this free advanced sound editorial manager and recorder. Imbecilic for a sound specialist in any case, I am sure that clients who never utilized a sound editorial manager, may feel overpowered about this great however complex instrument.

My aim was to list just a couple of highlights that can empower the normal home client to utilize this product, regardless of whether it’s for a straightforward errand, for example, a ringtone creation. When the client feels good, it may be enticed to investigate other propelled capacities.

At last, kindly remember that Audacity® was it despite everything is a perfect, free, open-source programming throughout the previous 16 years! There’s an entire devoted group chipping away at an everyday schedule along these lines, a gift will help and urge them to discharge new, better, improved forms later on. Consequently, “it would be ideal if you give for an incredible bit of programming!

audacity recording



Audacity 2.3.2 for Windows

File size

27.91 MB


  • Windows 2003,
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8



Available languages

  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Japanese,
  • Chinese,
  • Polish



How to install Audacity

Here you can see a summary of the above-provided detail. Audacity is the best audio editor. Here you can audacity download filehippo free from the below button.

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