How to Guard Identity of Online Gamers

With its increasing popularity, a rising number of gamers are utilizing genuine money on in-game acquisitions, which from the provider’s aspect are a key source of revenue for them. But such spending’s also increases the risk of fraud, particularly identity document fraud. Government authorities around the world are attempting to address this problem by making gamers comply with stringent verification regulations, and with that, the main source has now turned to pc games.

Let’s discuss how identity document verification is vital for the gaming industry in upcoming stages, but first, let’s take a glance at the problems and fraud risks the gaming operators have to encounter while implementing a smooth experience for their users.

With increase comes difficulties and uncertainties:

The amount of the international online gaming market is anticipated to cross $74 by 2023, but this massive increase of cash is tempting fraudsters with an intention to exploit the company’s seamless operations.

To stay giving a smooth gaming experience to their users, operators have to face specific uncertainties. They have to make the sure quality user experience, fighting an increasing ratio of online thefts, and comply with the ever-changing regulations imposed by regulatory authorities. Therefore, gaming operations have to make sure that they are allowing authenticated, age-appropriate gamers, to involve in online gaming and guard children from gaining authorization to age-limited content.

Listed below are three main risks affecting gamers involved in online gaming, and what you can do to stay secure:

1.  Phishing

The similar strategies fraudsters use to deceive people out of their credit card numbers, financial institution’s passwords, and other account logins are also familiar with imposters. For instance, imposters may build something that seems like a well-known online game platform and influence gamers to change their account logins or authenticate their account, usually frightening to block the gamer’s account unless they follow. The aim is to take over the account, gaming frauds and resell it on illegal merchandise.

2.  Cyberbullying

Almost every online game involves some form of speech or chatting nowadays. Consequently, the characteristic is also extensively vulnerable. In the course on the online batter, you may discover some abuse or an insult. That might be human nature in a highly competitive market, but surely, some gamers will intersect the line of cyberbullying. In some gamers, usually, those focused on online characters’ online lives, such messages may become bitterly personal.

3. Identity theft

Relying on the laws and the category of game, several ways to trick may occur – some thought of it as genuine, some not. The deteriorating use altered gaming clients, also bots, to play in a more reliable way than normal gamers. Hence, some gamers take benefit of mistakes they discover in the game server’s code to get a benefit in-game.

Can online identity games be an efficient solution?

With the rising analysis by regulatory authorities, gaming websites have to face heavy penalties in event of non-compliance. For example, the GC in the UK forced a fine worth $10 million on the gaming industry for not following stringent know your customer processes for gamer verification

Having a solid IDV system, gaming operators can not only save their websites from identity theft scams but also reduce chargebacks and penalties that occur due to credit card scams. Having an identity online game in place can assist gaming companies to develop an enhanced verification system for their users’ safety. These businesses can avail an identity pc games system in a various way including:

  1. Facial recognition
  2. Document authentication
  3. Age verification
  4. AML checks
  5. Know your player

 Gamers that demand a safe yet quick gaming experience

There are various online gaming websites present out there in the globe. This has heightened the competition between websites and with that, gamers now require a swift and safe gaming experience without any type of delay. Gaming verification is the main source of safety, but it raises the onboarding time and which therefore increases the chance of gaming platforms losing potential gamers

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