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You may think a program is a program. Maybe you don’t consider your internet browser by any means—as a matter, of course, you basically utilize whatever accompanied the working framework or the program somebody set up for you. In case you’re similar to 70 percent of individuals, in the US at any rate, you downloaded Google Chrome and never thought back.

In any case, it’s not keen to place all your advanced eggs in one corporate biological system’s bushel. There’s a commendable option out there: Mozilla Firefox Quantum. It got the Quantum moniker in November 2017 with the arrival of rendition 57.0, as a component of a “rebound” to battle Chrome. Mozilla’s program is a PCMag Editors’ Choice and has been for quite a while.

Firefox is quick, secure, adjustable, private, and appealing. Furthermore, it’s packed with highlights you most likely know nothing about, regardless of whether you are one of the 25 percent of US web-clients (starting at 2018) who were sufficiently keen to download it and put it to customary use.

Along these lines, how about we make a plunge and take a gander at all the additional usefulness you can press out of Firefox without introducing an expansion. From that point onward, you’ll wonder why you at any point wasted time with another program.

About that Master Password

An ace secret phrase can keep you secure by expecting it to be entered for Firefox to get to your put away passwords (that proves to be useful especially in the event that you share your PC with anybody). To make an ace secret word, go to the Menu () > Options > Privacy and Security (or type in about:preferences#privacy). Check the case alongside “Utilize an ace secret word.” Follow the headings in the spring up window. Debilitate or change your lord secret key through this equivalent window.

On the off chance that you wind up in the tragic situation of having lost your lord pass, you re-set it in an indirect way. NOTE: This activity will expel all your spared usernames and passwords. To re-set, in the area bar type chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul, hit Enter, read the admonition and snap Reset at the base of the page. You would then be able to proceed to make another ace secret phrase from that point.

Oversee Passwords With Lockwise

It’s constantly a test to oversee site passwords. Utilizing a committed secret word director can help, however you can likewise take advantage of a component known as Firefox Lockwise. At first known as Lockbox, the Lockwise application (iOS, Android) snatches the site logins you’ve put away in Firefox and signs you into sites on an iOS or Android gadget. Here’s the means by which to utilize it.

Modify Tool Bar Menu

You can modify which things you find in the Firefox device bar, or the flood drop-down menu toward the end set apart by >>, and even locate some new apparatuses you probably won’t have thought about. Snap Menu () > Customize.

Right now called Customize Firefox, simplified things from the primary screen to any place you like them. Significant things ought to go in the toolbar. Leave stuff you’ll never use in the fundamental screen. Put the things you couldn’t care less about much yet at the same time need in the Overflow Menu area. Try not to stress, you can generally hit “Reestablish Defaults” in the base right corner to return to where you began. Snap Done at the base to spare the changes.

Effectively Jump Through Tabs

Have a ton of tabs open? You can without much of a stretch switch through them by means of straightforward console alternate ways:

Concentrate on the following tab on the right: Ctrl + Page Down

Move to one side: Ctrl + Page Up (on a Mac, you can flip between tabs utilizing direction + choice + [left/right] bolt)

Hop between numerous tabs: Ctrl + [1 through 9] permits you to hop between a since a long time ago arrangement of tabs where 1 speaks to the one on the extreme left and each consequent number speaks to the following tab over. (On a Mac utilize the order key.)

Or then again, do a tab switch that is obvious on screen by hitting Ctrl+Tab—it raises thumbnails of the pages you’ll be hopping to with each resulting tap of the Tab key. (In the event that it doesn’t work, type about:preferences#general in the area bar to discover the territory of program inclinations where you can flip it on.)

Play with Media Shortcuts

Firefox underpins console codes to control media playback, and Mozilla has an exhaustive rundown here. In the first place, “center” on the video or sound record by clicking legitimately on it. These directions didn’t generally seem to work contingent upon the administration you’re utilizing—however they all function admirably with YouTube. Here are some acceptable ones to know



Increment/Decrease volume

Up/Down Arrow

Look for Back/Forward

Left/Right Arrow





Zooma Zoom

You can utilize alternate route keys to zoom in and out on a site page—Ctrl+ (in addition to sign) to zoom in, Ctrl+ (less sign) to zoom out. Anyway you can likewise do it with your mouse: Hold down the Ctrl key and move the snap wheel in or out (Mac: hold down the order key). On the other hand, you can zoom by means of the View menu or the three-line menu button situated in the upper right corner of your program. Or then again utilize the Zoom device on the Customized toolbar or flood menu.

You likewise can simply expand the size of the content while keeping the pictures stable. Simply go to View > Zoom and check “Zoom Text Only.” Now when you zoom in and out, just the text dimension increments or diminishes.

(On the off chance that you were playing with the zoom work and stalled out in some inconvenient perspective, you can generally return to the default by squeezing Ctrl + 0; order + 0 on Mac.)

Applause the Firefox Porn Filter

You don’t need to do anything for this to work, simply be grateful. Turns out that when you dispatch the new tab page on Firefox, which for the most part shows you your most as of late/much of the time visited locales, it will never show a grown-up site. Regardless of whether it was the exact opposite thing you visited. Firefox has obviously had a channel set up since 2014 to forestall this, so you don’t coincidentally show somebody cresting behind you your nighttime proclivities, as it were. You can turn it off by going to about:config and setting the incentive for browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.filterAdult to “bogus.”

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Prune Your History, One At a Time

At the point when you begin to type a URL into the area bar, the auto-complete capacity shows a drop-down menu of URLs that coordinate what you’re composing. On the off chance that you see a site in the rundown you’d preferably not come up once more, utilize the bolt keys to explore to it, at that point hit Delete (or Shift+Delete on macOS).

Disregard Your Recent History

In the event that you took a gander at some scrappy stuff on Firefox in the extremely late past—like the most recent hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 24 hours—you can without much of a stretch dump all that from the history, in addition to clear the treats, reserve, logins, and download history. One way: go to Options > Privacy and Security, look down to History menu and select Clear History. You can pick a time span and what information to dump.

The other technique, particularly on the off chance that you do this a great deal: utilizing the Customize alternative above, put the Forget direction on the toolbar. It gives a fast in and out method for erasing either 5 minutes, 2 hours, or 24 hours of your movement. Ensure you truly need to jettison this information, however, as it can’t be recouped.

Push the Performance

Do you feel like Firefox is running sloooow, particularly contrasted with different programs on your work area? Turn on the equipment increasing speed alternative. Go to about:preferences > General > Performance. You’ll see a container that says “Use Recommended execution settings”; uncheck it. Another case creates the impression that says “Use equipment quickening when accessible.” Make sure it’s checked. That is it.

Another alternative shows up called Content procedure limit. On the off chance that you realize you have more than 8GB of RAM and a devoted designs handling unit (GPU), at that point set it higher. In any case leave it at the default.

Screen Grab Within Firefox

Access the Take a Screenshot order by right-tapping on a website page or tapping the Page Actions menu () in the Location bar. The component just makes a go of what’s on the page, nothing outside the program window (not by any means the apparatus bars or menus above) can be caught. All things considered, it’s super-convenient.

When conjured, move the cursor around and it features some portion of the page you should get, or you can drag the cursor to get all that you need, in any event, looking down long pages. A menu seems to make it simple to catch the full page (looking for you) or just what’s noticeable. Whatever you select can be replicated to the clipboard or downloaded as a PNG document. On the off chance that you click Save, you’re taken to a page where you can comment on the screen, crop it, feature things, and so on.

Right now, there’s no hotkey accessible for the screen capture include, nor is it part of the customization of the instrument bar. Odd.

Mozilla used to spare screen captures for about fourteen days in the library at, yet as of June 2019, it never again offers online capacity any longer.

Send to Pocket

Did you realize that Mozilla possesses Pocket, the read-it-later application/administration? With a Pocket account, you truly mark anything you discover online to peruse later whenever it might suit you, on any gadget. That is the reason you’ll see the Pocket logo () in the Firefox area bar. You can utilize your current Pocket record or Firefox login. At that point put the Pocket application on your telephone or tablet and you can peruse those articles later.

Detest Pocket? Type about:config into the area bar, scan for the browser.pocket.enabled passage, and set it to False.

The Secret Tweak Interface

You can truly get into the coding weeds and change your program settings—incorporating numerous things not in the Options that you access by composing about:preferences in the area bar. Rather, type about:config. You’ll get a truly harsh admonition that “This may void your guarantee!” and “Changing these propelled settings can be unsafe to the steadiness, security, and execution of this application. You should possibly proceed on the off chance that you make certain of what you are doing.” If you click “I acknowledge the hazard!” you’ll enter a window that looks for the most part like impervious codespeak. In the event that you don’t do anything, you won’t transform anything: it doesn’t damage to look. Be that as it may, you can discover heaps of instructional exercises and proposals online about what you can and perhaps should change in about:config to take advantage of Firefox.

Send a Big File

Got a huge record—say, up to 2.5GB—you have to find a good pace? That is difficult to do in email or on informing frameworks. Utilize Mozilla’s Send record move administration. Drag documents to the container and you’ll get you a URL to impart to individuals so they can snatch it. Overly basic. This isn’t generally a program explicit help; you can utilize Firefox Send in Chrome or Safari or Edge, as well. In any case, it’s an intriguing Mozilla device; here’s the means by which to utilize it.

Mouseless Scroll

Mice are for squeaking, not for the genuine business of exploring website pages. Luckily, you needn’t bother with them—in any event for the looking over part. You can look down a page just by squeezing the space bar, and afterward look back up by squeezing Shift and the spacebar.

Firefox Lays Some Easter Eggs

Furthermore, as most innovation people, the designers over at Mozilla like to remember small amounts of shrouded eccentricity for their item. Here are three:

Type about:Mozilla in the location bar and get a touch of prophetically catastrophic content from the “Book of Mozilla” (be certain not to incorporate any space between the colon and “Mozilla”)

Type about:robots and get a message of affection from the robot network. Hit the “Attempt Again” button; mellow lunacy follows.

Okay, this third one takes a touch of work on your end. To start with, click on the three-line menu in the upper right and hit the “Modify” button. Next, expel all the menu symbols from the field on the directly into the bigger “Extra Tools and Features” field on the left. Try to incorporate the “Zoom Controls” and “Alter Controls” symbols. At that point hit the “Exit Customize” button at the base. Presently, at whatever point you hit the upper right catch there will be a wandering ricocheting high contrast unicorn that will turn Technicolor at whatever point your mouse drifts over the field.

He resembles your very own otherworldly perusing pal! Or then again something. At the point when you get exhausted of that, you can return into the redo window and put all the apparatuses back or click the “Reestablish Defaults” button.

Firefox Share

You may have seen in your latest update of Facebook there’s a little paper plane symbol in the upper left corner. That is the new Firefox share button. It permits you to share to various online networking accounts—no extra vital. It’s likewise overly simple to set up.

For whatever length of time that you are as of now signed in to the account(s) you’d prefer to include, you can do it with a solitary snap. Simply go to this connection in Firefox to discover the records you’d prefer to pick. Look down and pick which records you’d prefer to incorporate (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and so on.). You can change/erase these alternatives later by setting off to your Add-ons chief > administrations

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Firefox Hello

Firefox a year ago presented its own special talk customer (with video visit), Firefox Hello. To get to it, simply click the little smiley face in the upper right corner. In case you’re acquainted with Google Hangouts, you’ll have the option to discover your way around. There’s no compelling reason to download any product to utilize Hello, in certainty others don’t should be on Firefox (they simply should utilize WebRTC-upheld programs like Firefox, Chrome, or Opera). You can simply begin another visit stay with its own connection and send it to whoever you’d prefer to join.

Note: Though we had a few issues with the sound in the video above, we had the option to get it to effectively work off camera.

Firefox Tips

How about we go over it each of the once again.



Firefox Setup 73.0.exe


49 MB

Operating Systems Requirements (64-bit)

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2
  • 512MB of RAM / 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version
  • 200MB of hard drive space

How to install Mozilla Firefox

Here you can see a summary of the above-provided detail. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser. Using Mozilla Firefox you can stay connected with the world. Here you can mozilla firefox filehippo latest version free download free from the below button.

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