Top 5 Horror Game Recommended Apps

Top 5 Horror Game Recommended Apps

Introducing really interesting horror games that the app’s editorial department actually played and carefully selected. Please enjoy various horror such as works whose spine is so chilling that you cannot play alone at night, and horror games that step into urban legends and human fears as well as ghosts. You can filehippo games download these games for your windows PC on

1. Escape Game Curse Nest -Ghost Stories

After all, the latest work of “Curly Nest” for the first time in 3 years is scary! An escape game set in an old school building where the spirits of a schoolgirl whose eyes are closed appear.

“Escape Game Curse Nest -Gakkou no Kaidan-” is a horror escape game set in a school. This is the fourth installment in the popular escape game “Curly Nest” series, which has been called “super scary!” This is the first new work in 3 years! It is this time of the stage school, the old school building to women students who crushed the eyes of the Spirit of comes out.

The hero who has been trapped in such an old school building. Explore the school and find out how to escape. Of course, the horror production that is the essence of the series is alive and well! Let’s spend the hot summer comfortably in horror.

2. Life Gallery

A grotesque view of the world pierces your heart! A tough adventure that depicts the life of a monocular boy as a dark picture.

Life Gallery is a dark adventure game with a monocular boy as the main character. The twins were born in a connected body and separated after birth. The weights of the twins are the same.

And my brother had a monocular eye, my younger brother had one arm, and so on. The only difference was the attitude of the family. The love of the family for his brother and brother was the exact opposite. The world view that depicts the darkness of human beings in eerie art is dark and grotesque. This can only be drawn in an indie game!

3. Midnight

The sequel to the classic horror adventure! Night road exploration action with a mixture of nostalgia and fear.

Midnight Round is a horror adventure that has gained popularity on Vita and Switch by Nippon Ichi Software. At the end of the summer vacation, Yui, who has a bright personality, and Haru, who is quiet, are separated from each other.

The girls go on an adventure with courage in the eerie night city where someone lurks. Let’s search for each other and explore the city at night while hiding from the “ghosts” hidden in the dark night road. It is a nostalgic but dark, nostalgic horror work.

4. Five Nights at Freddys 4

The 4th popular horror game that makes you scream! If you have a weak heart, don’t play.

The popular horror game series “Five Nights at Freddys” aims to endure the night while hiding from the approaching dolls and reach the morning safely! The latest work is this work.

The basic game content is the same as before, going back and forth between multiple monitoring points, closing the door and shutting out when the doll senses that it is approaching. The stage of the series so far was the security room of the pizza shop, but the stage of this work is the house of Futu ! It makes me feel more scared that the same thing may happen to me because it is the most familiar place in my house!

5. Fear! Escape from an abandoned hospital: Surgical light

When I notice it, I’m behind! A horror escape game where 360 ​​° visibility brings unprecedented horror.

“Fear! Escape from an abandoned hospital: Surgical light” is an escape game set in an abandoned hospital.

An abandoned hospital where I went to try my luck with my friends. The friend who went in earlier does not come back … Players who have no choice but to chase in will not be able to escape from the hospital … Just a royal road horror story!  

The filehippo games system is also the royal road style of escape games, where you can search various places by touching the screen, get items and hints, and solve the mystery. Since the title is purposely called “fear!”, Of course, the horror effect is also inserted perfectly.

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