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tor filehippo browser download free latest version @ Filehippo. here you can get a Tor browser installer Windows file & portable file that is compatible with windows. you can see more detail below.

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The Tor browser is the most secure browser nowadays. The Tor browser provides multiple layers of security. The tor-browser has custom built-in functions which are not provided in other browsers. we will discuss all functions with detail. Before we discuss functions here are some benefits of using this browser.

Benefits of tor-browser

No need Vpn

If you using this browser you don’t need a VPN for your work. This browser has an inbuilt VPN service so you don’t need other VPN services like Express VPN, Nord VPN and etc. you can now access all website which is blocked in your area and country. Basically VPN meaning is Virtual private Network. This browser has multiple layers of VPN’s. This browser open website indirect so no one knows your IP address. This browser is an alternative to a VPN.


Privacy is the most important thing nowadays. VPN Service providers also save your browsing data and visiting page data but this browser does not save any kind of data.

The Tor Network is a lot of virtual passages that serve to shroud your character by sending traffic through transfers in the system first before sending it straightforwardly to the Internet. Utilizing the Tor Network hand-off framework, Tor Browser can secure its clients’ protection in two different ways. To start with, it will conceal a client’s movement from both their Internet specialist co-op and any unbound neighborhood associations. Second, a client’s IP address will be avoided, site administrators.

Tor Browser likewise shields clients from site traffic fingerprinting, a training that attempts to decide a client’s character and inclinations through their perusing propensities. Likewise, it eradicates all perusing history and treats toward the finish of every meeting.

Browsing with extra privacy

Tor Browser was made to give clients additional security as they peruse on the web. Created by the Tor Project, this program utilizes the Tor Network to ensure your character and conceal your online action from undesirable eyes.

Security Levels

tor browser download filehippo

This browser has multiple security layers. Tor Browser clients can change their security levels relying upon their inclinations. At Standard Level, all Tall Browser and site highlights are empowered and perusing experience isn’t influenced in any way. The Safer level debilitates JavaScript in certain destinations, handicaps a few images and text styles, and forestalls the programmed playing of sound and video records. At long last, the Safest level incapacitates JavaScript, pictures, and more images naturally.

A Real Private Browser

At its most noteworthy security levels, Tor Browser may influence perusing experience because of it debilitating significant highlights like Flash and JavaScript. Be that as it may, these are adjustable by the client. Tor Browser is without a doubt an incredible decision for any individual who needs additional security on the web. Its transfer framework will guarantee that your character is covered up while shielding your information and action from unwelcome spectators.

Other benefits of browser

  • Go online in a protected space
  • An inborn extra for overhauled security
  • Mindfully orchestrate your affiliation type
  • Cross-Platform Availability i.e this application is open for Linux, Windows similarly as Mac.
  • Complex Data encryption before it sent over the Internet.
  • Modified data unscrambling at the client-side.
  • Offers anonymity to servers and destinations.
  • It makes it possible to visit blasted destinations.
  • Performs tasks without revealing the IP of Source.
  • Fit for guiding data to/from hid organizations and applications behind the firewall.
  • Flexible – Run a pre-planned web program clearly from the USB accumulating Device. No convincing motivation to present it locally.

Right now unscrambling all of the layers work so carefully that there is no convincing motivation to reveal IP and Geographical zone of User thusly confining any chance of anybody seeing your web affiliation or the areas you are visiting. All these working seems, by all accounts, to be fairly amazing, yet the end customer execution and working of the Tor program is nothing to worry over. Believe it or not, the Tor program resembles some other program (Especially Mozilla Firefox) in working. You may likewise like Avant Browser Download Latest Version For Windows

tor download



Tor Browser for Windows


  • Windows 10,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows XP





System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Memory (RAM)

1 GB of Ram required.

Hard Disk Space

100 MB space required.


Intel Pentium 4 or above.

How to install tor-browser

Here you can see a summary of the above-provided detail. tor filehippo browser is the best browser. Using tor-browser you can stay connected with the world. Here you can tor filehippo-browser download from the below button.

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